Vendor Spotlight: Blooming Wild

We have the absolute pleasure of working with creative entrepreneurs and artisans across Canada, from coast to coast. Blooming Wild Botanicals is our first vendor from New Brunswick + we couldn't be more excited to work with them and offer their truly one-of-a-kind holistic creations to Collingwood!

Blooming Wild was founded by Ryan and Charlotte Walker, husband and wife homesteaders in Belleville, New Brunswick with a passion for natural living. Blooming Wild reflects their appreciation of the natural world, and a desire to share that passion with everyone else.

Seeking a simpler existence, R + C were drawn to the rural lifestyle. As fledgling homesteaders, they learned to grow plants, herbs and flowers. They practiced skills like soap making, foraging, plant drying, and natural healing. Blooming Wild is the culmination of these skills, the product of years of natural living.

They love nature, and living naturally, which couldn't be more apparent in this video:

According to C + R: "Our small homestead lives and breathes with the spirit of the old time farmer, the forager, the herbalist, the artist, the healer.

At Blooming Wild we regularly dance with nature, alternatively enduring her fury and basking in her glory. Plants, flowers, herbs, snow, sun: these things are our world. In each of our concoctions, in every bar of soap, we share a part of that world with you."

The keystones of Blooming Wild:

  • Sustainable Grown - Botanical ingredients are locally grown & wild harvested by hand, with care
  • Cruelty Free - Tested on happy humans
  • 100% Natural Ingredients - Premium quality natural and organic ingredients
  • Made In Canada - All Blooming Wild products are made in their solar powered workshop

Bar Soaps - 

Their extra large bar soap is expertly crafted using a thoughtful balance of organic oils and butters paired with botanical extracts, clays and essential oils. They cure their soap for a minimum of six weeks creating a long lasting, mild bar with a rich, creamy lather.

Bath & Body Oil Elixirs - 

All Blooming Wild Bath & Body Oils are concentrated beauty elixirs. Lavish your skin with a bouquet of rich plant oils, hand picked, hand brewed Canadian botanical extracts and luscious natural fragrance. Every bottle is brimming with pure, potent goodness to nourish your skin and senses. Added to the bath allow your body to be enveloped by the gentle embrace of botanicals, water and steam. Luxuriate and feel the beauty of the moment.

Body Butter, Balm + Lotion Bars - 

Their Forest Magic Body Butter is loaded with vitamins A and E, minerals, and essential fatty acids help to soothe, hydrate and balance your skin. The collagen in the shea butter can Shea butter can help to support you skins elasticity, and suppleness. Mango Seed Butter soothes skin and is a rich source of essential fatty acids & vitamins that the skin easily absorbs. It helps to add moisture while also tightening and firming the skin, contributing to a softer and more youthful appearance. Coniferous extracts are said to have anti-inflammatory properties along with being antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal.

Juniper + Pine Balm is a concentrated formula made with a special wild crafted infusion of red pine, oils & butters. Pine needles are said to have anti-inflammatory properties along with being antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. This balm is excellent for soothing & moisturizing dry or chapped winter skin. Uplifting, all natural fragrance. 

Lotion bars melt on contact, hydrating and nourishing your skin with vitamins and antioxidants that repair, soothe and protect. Hold the Lotion Bar in your hands for a few moments to soften the bar slightly with your body heat, then gently massage into your skin.

Perfume Oils - 

Traditional apothecary ingredients delivered in an elegant glass bottle; what more does one need?! Pure essential oils, for fragrance. Roller ball applicator. Luscious nutrient rich carrier oils. Custom fragrances. Our perfume oils are all that, and more. Apply liberally and often; take a little nature with you, wherever you go.

Each perfume has a signature scent carefully crafted to speak to your emotions. For example, Eunoia Perfume: Bright and slightly bratty, Eunoia will not be ignored! More summer than winter, more day than night, it’s a youthful, energetic scent that foretells adventure and lighthearted discovery. [Eunoia meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking”]

Forest Fizz Bath Soak - 

Luxurious, fizzy bath milk, infused with Red Pine, Balsam Fir, and Cedar Oil; you’ll feel the comfort of nature as you soak. Highlights of Forest Fizz:

Canadian Pink Salt -

3,000′ below the surface in Canada’s prairies, 100% natural, pure and pristine salts are harvested. These salts have natural cleansing power that liberates the skin of impurities, invigorates and tightens skin pores while being hydrating and nourishing.

Canadian Balsam Fir Balm -

In aromatherapy Balsam fir is said to have a balancing effect of feeling grounded and uplifted at the same time, increasing intuition and shifting emotional blocks. Topically, its antibacterial and antifungal properties can help sooth eczema and troubled skin. Its Antioxidant properties help to fight against free radicals which can prevent premature aging of the skin when used regularly in skin care. Antiseptic and detoxifying, balsam fir is excellent for boosting skin and wound healing, including acne blemishes. It can also soothe discomfort, which can further benefit acne-prone skin. Also used as an aroma-therapeutic treatment to improve respiratory conditions, including congestion in the nose and chest.

It's truly inspiring to work with people who are passionate and caring about their work. And Charlotte + Ryan are two definite forces of nature, with creations that reflect their principles.

Next time you're in-store or browsing online, we hope you'll take a look at Blooming Wild. And if you need more reasons to love them, read below:

"We prioritize both naturally grown and certified-organic Ingredients. We appreciate that it isn’t always feasible for small farms to become organic certified. It’s all about the principles that each farm is built upon.

We also deeply value sustainably wild-harvested, and locally grown Canadian Ingredients. You’ll find many of our products contain truly effective, extraordinary wild botanicals.

Ingredient sourcing is a big deal, and we invest a lot of time into research. Understanding the ethical and ecological ramifications of what we purchase is incredibly time consuming. Often there are a lot of layers to peel back to get the true picture. Our aim is to understand all facets of each ingredient that we use. Cost is not the driving factor. Quality. Honesty. Integrity and Ethics are what drive our decision making. My beliefs are often challenged along the way. It’s a deeply humbling and educational process." Charlotte + Ryan


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