How it Works

Here at Pine Boutique, we will happily refill your empty containers and jars with all-natural home and body goods! You can bring your own clean and empty containers or you can purchase any from our selection. Let us know what product you would like your container refilled with, we take your container, you pay, and we all feel good about helping the environment!
Can’t visit our refillery in-store? No worries, all you have to do is email indicating what you would like refilled (we ask that you email us to make sure we have enough product in stock.) If you are a Collingwood resident, please also indicate if you will be dropping off your empties. Our small team will collect what you drop-off at a safe distance and prepare your order in a sanitary fashion.

Once we’ve refilled and weighed your order, your order is ready for payment. We accept all
major credit and debit cards in store.
For purchases outside of our store, please pay via e-transfer to .

Refillable Products


o All-purpose cleaner
o Vinegar
o Dish soap
o Kitchen + bath cleaner
o Natural Evaporating Cleanser/Yoga mat spray
o Laundry detergent
o Toilet + bowl cleaner
o Glass cleaner
o Dishwasher tabs
o Wool dryer balls


shampoo - liquid + bars
conditioner - liquid + bars
shower gel
bubble bath  
body lotion
face cream
sugar scrub
body oil
o make-up remover





If you sell a product in refill or have a suggestion for what you would like us to carry in refill,
please email us at We would love to hear from you!