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1L Lavender Laundry Soap

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3X Concentrated Lavender Laundry Soap
Ditch the chemicals and the big plastic jug and make the switch to our refillable 1L jug. When you're done, come on by the store for a refill!
Here's how refill works:
+ purchase our filled 1L Laundry Soap bottle in-store or online
+ bring the empty glass jug in-store to be refilled
+ we refill your bottle (about $14)

The concentrated formula means you only need a shot glass amount to do a regular load of laundry. So how many loads will this bottle get you?...
1 Litre Bottle = about 33 regular loads; about 17 big loads

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol Ethoxylate (Biodegradable Surfactant), Decyl Polyglucoside (Plant-Based Biodegradable Surfactant), Glycerol Mono-oleate (Coconut Fatty Acid), Methychloroisothiazolione (Biodegradable Preservative), Lavender Essential Oils.

Directions:  Pour 25ml for regular load; 50ml for large load into laundry machine prior to running. Safe for HE machines. Safe for hard and soft water and can be used in hot/cold water

1.89L + 3.78L options also available


All of our refillable products are Made in Canada.
From Green Cricket:
Dish Soap & 3x Laundry – Cocamidopropyl Betaine (which is derived from Coconut)  is less than 2%, and the biodegradable preservative is 0.15%.  As you can see the preservative is at an extremely low percentage, but provides excellent preservation beyond what we can achieve with a plant based preservative. This preservative is a combination of methychloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, and it is only used in our household cleaning products ( as opposed to personal care products).   Decyl glucoside is also naturally derived (from coconut) and is a gentle surfactant to assist with sudsy activity, and is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin