Canadiano French Press

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A bright French press

The Cozy Press collection is inspired to enhance and aesthetically improve the already practical French Press coffee makers. The Canadiano Cozy Press, is designed to add a substantial thermal resistance with our 100% natural wool for insulation. Sheep wool, or felt, is extremely effective at keeping your beverage at a stable temperature for a long time in heat or cold. The wooden handle provides a tactile experience when you are picking up to pour from the press. 

The team at Canadiano use the offcuts and sawdust from making their pour-overs to make the Cozy Press wood handles.

Canadiano uses high-quality stainless-steel and galvanized steel parts for the filter with a BPA free, FDA approved black plastic cap. The standard parts used have passed the test of time for durability and ease of use.


100% Natural Wool Felt - keep your coffee warm longer, biodegradable and recyclable

Canadian Wood - sustainable and FSC certified, comfortable grip, locally sourced + milled in Ontario

Borosilicate Glass - ultra-durable and heat-resistant 



- boil water

- add 5 TBSP coffee grinds 

- pour boiling water over grinds

- put lid/plunger back on, leave for 4 minutes

- slowly press plunger

- enjoy!!


Made in Canada