Coffee Pour Over

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Carved out of a single block of Cherry or Walnut wood, the Canadiano pour-over is the perfect zero-waste method of brewing coffee! 

How to use:

- add 2 TBSP favourite coffee grinds to filter

- place your pour-over on top of your mug

- slowly pour boiling water over the coffee grinds. You may need to stir during this step, depending on the fineness of your coffee grinds.

- the oils from your coffee will combine with the natural wood oils, making your coffee taste richer and more full-bodied with every cup you make!

- when you're done, put coffee grinds in your compost bin and rinse your pour-over with warm water


 Eco-friendly benefits: 

+ Zero Waste & Zero Parts: Designed with an ultra-fine, medical grade stainless-steel, you will never need paper filters or replacement parts.
+ No Plastic: All parts are made with biodegradable or recyclable natural material. Including packaging and finishes.
+ Easy to Clean: After using, simply place coffee grounds into your compost bin and rinse. 
+ Hand-Crafted in Canada: Made in Toronto. Using locally sourced FSC certified wood milled in Ontario.
+ Remarkable Coffee: The natural wood of the pour-over combines with the flavor of your coffee giving you a well-rounded, full-body, rich cup of coffee.