Comfrey + Lavender All Purpose Salve

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Comfrey + Lavender All Purpose Salve

2oz glass jar

This is a perfect addition to any medicinal arsenal or facial treatment. This salve eases irritation, cuts, scrapes, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, hand and foot balm, burns, tattoos, bug bites and sprains. I have long infused this oil with beeswax over days to extract all its goodness, this hand harvested salve is scented with the herbs themselves and lavender.

Handcrafted in small batches

Standing Spruce Farm & Apothecary is an authentic indigenous wellness brand, which combines old world medicine and traditional practices. Standing Spruce is an organic farm that provides wild crafted products to improve spiritual and physical wellness.

We are an Authentic indigenous wellness company  steeped in traditional teachings,  values, and customs. Plant medicine is an important part of our history and our foundation is built on ancestral knowledge and old world medicine. We believe in in the importance of mother earth for our health and well-being.  - Lesley Assu [Medicine Worker/Homesteader/Knowledge Keeper/Mother]

Ingredients - Comfrey leaves, lavender flowers, rose petals, devils club, grapeseed oil, beeswax