Blooming Wild

Eunoia Botanical Perfume Oil

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Blooming Wild's Eunoia Botanical Perfume Oil is a youthful, energetic scent that foretells adventure and lighthearted discovery. Lemon and bitter orange Bergamot features prominently; patchouli and a hint of lavender round things out. Over time, the brightest notes of this fragrance fade, leaving a more complex, understated scent.

Eunoia meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking”

Size: 0.30 fl oz | Housed in a square glass perfume bottle with a roller ball applicator.

Simply apply to the wrists, temples, and pulse points. Apply liberally and often; take a little nature with you, wherever you go.

100% Natural Ingredients

organic sunflower seed oil, organic Canadian abyssinian oil, lavender oil, bergamot orange oil, patchouli oil, vitamin E oil