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Heartwood Bath & Body Elixir

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Heartwood Bath, Body & shower oil is a multi-purpose concentrated beauty elixir! Lavish your skin with a bouquet of rich plant oils, hand picked, hand brewed Canadian botanical extracts and luscious natural fragrance. Every bottle is brimming with pure, potent goodness to nourish your skin and senses.

Heartwood is an elegant blend of forest scents. Pleasantly earthy and natural, this rich fragrance showcases the pleasing notes of balsam fir, juniper, black spruce and cedarwood. A hint of patchouli helps bring everything together, making for a deep, spicy perfume oil that will make you feel like you’ve been embraced by the forest.

Size: 355 mL | 12 fl. oz. | Packaged in Recyclable whiskey bottle with a reusable wood top cork lid.

100% natural 


Twice weekly, massage the oil on your decolletage, arms and legs and get into the bath (or shower). The oil when in contact with water will emulsify. No need to wash off! Air Dry your skin for a few minutes or gently pat dry.

Hands/Cuticles/elbows  massage a few drops of oil into your hands, cuticles, toes.

Hair Masque – massage a small amount of oil to wet hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and relax for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.

100% Natural Ingredients

organic sunflower seed oil | helianthus annuus seed oil                                     Cannabis Sativa seed oil                                                                                       Balsam Fir oil | Abiessibirica                                                                           Cedarwood Oil | Juniperus Virginiana oil                                                              organic castor oil | ricinus communis seed oil                                                        Cedrus Atlantica Bark oil                                                                                      Juniper Fruit oil | Juniperus Communis                                                                 Pepper Fruit extract | Piper Nigrum
Cabin Leaf oil
vitamin E oil | tocopherol