Muskoka Roastery

Muskoka Roastery Coffee

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Ethically grown beans roasted in Huntsville

Ground Coffee 

Georgian Bay Blend (400g bag) 

Complex, with some wild, slightly exotic notes driven by the special origins that go into the blend. Hints of cocoa, peach, dark chocolate and roasted almonds. A smooth coffee with flavour that comes in waves. This coffee is inspired by the windswept beauty of Georgian Bay. Rocky shores, shoals and small islands; lighthouses, open vistas, sailboats and sudden storms. An environment that can be wild and isolated. We are unsure of the origin of the photo of Pointe au Baril lighthouse featured in our bag, but believe that it was taken around 1900.

Aki Organic (454g bag)

Aki is the Ojibway word for Earth and our inspiration for an Organic coffee that treats the earth and your palate with equal measures of respect. Our Aki Organic Blend honours the indigenous peoples of our region. The Ojibway Frist Nation, part of the larger Anishinaabeg culture, have a long and storied relationship with Muskoka. Indeed, it is almost certain that the name Muskoka is derived from Musquakie, an Ojibway chief, also known as William Yellowhead. We were proud to work with local indigenous groups and an aboriginal artist to create a presentation that captures this storied heritage. The work inspired us to develop a coffee that is sweet, with a hints of honey, and a medium body.