Rosewood + Sweet Orange Laundry Powder

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This is a concentrated powder detergent safe for high efficiency and front load machines. Gentle on sensitive skin and tough on dirt and stains. With a compound base of washing soda and borax to deodorize and whiten without fading colors.

Blended with Rosewood essential oil to inhibit dust mites and D’limonene and Orange essential oil to cut through grease. This natural laundry detergent is great for those with sensitive skin and allergies to fragrance.

1L mason jar with 850g laundry powder and hand carved cherry spoon




In regular or high efficiency machines, use 30 ml for a STANDARD LOAD that is LIGHTLY SOILED. For LARGE LOADS or HEAVILY SOILED clothes use 60 ml.


To hand wash a few SMALL ITEMS or DELICATES add 15 ml to a sink full of water and hand wash as usual. Note that you will not get suds as this is a natural detergent formulated for HE MACHINES.


For STAINS or HEAVILY SOILED SPOTS mix 30 ml of detergent with 15 ml of water and make into a paste, then rub on the soiled area, use a bristle brush to get into the fibers, then rinse with water before laundering as usual.


Dissolve 30ml of detergent in 1 cup of HOT water, then add to your machine.