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The best way to describe Soak Bar Soap is creamy, aromatic luxury!

Each bar is labeled with biodegradable + plantable seed paper! You can plant the label and watch it grow into wild flowers!!

165g per bar. 

Charcoal LavenderLooking for a post workout bar to cleanse those pores? Skin on the oily side and trying to manage breakouts? The combo of lavender essential oils with activated charcoal is going to give your skin the clean it needs. Activated charcoal helps to pull impurities from the skin and helps to clean out those pores while lavender helps to soothe the skin.

Citrus Poppyseed - Designed with the gardener in mind, the combination of lemon and orange essential oils help to wipe away the grime, while the poppyseed helps to scrub the stubborn dirt off the hands and nails. 

Tobacco Leaf - This bar is the best selling soap bar in the product line. It's got amazingly masculine notes with a touch of added sweetness. If you're looking for a little treat for yourself or need to find a soap bar for any man in your life.

Neem OilThe Neem Oil Soap bar may just contain one of the planet's best kept secrets: Neem Oil. This bar is highly recommended for those suffering from eczema and psoriasis type of dry skin conditions. Topped with Calendula petals for a little added beauty to this understated powerhouse.

Frosted Forest - The Frosted Forest soap bar is reminiscent of a crisp winter walk through a snow covered forest. Scented with peppermint essential oil, this bar provides a light crisp, fresh scent. Coloured naturally with green glacial clay we've added the swirls to mimic a forest landscape. (seasonal)

Lake Life - Lake Life is a limited edition bar inspired by those Canadian summers spent at the lake. Take the lake home with you long after you've locked up the cabin.  This bar smells of that fresh, crisp sea breeze air. Coloured with the serene blue of the lake in mind, this bar is dusted with crushed walnut to mimic the sand on your toes as you walk out of the water. (seasonal)

Lilac - The lilac soap bar was designed to transport you to early spring when lilac is in bloom. Close your eyes, feel the spring time breeze against your skin and inhale. Catch a hint of that delicious lilac scent floating through the air. This bar is topped with a dusting of jasmine petals. (seasonal)

Succulent - This one's for all the plant mamas and papas in your life! Our Succulent Soap bar is scented with a blend of light coconut, fresh flowers with a base of sandalwood and musk. Recommended as a body bar and hand soap bar. (seasonal)

Stained Glass - Limited Edition - We are in love with this one. Stained Glass Soap Bar incorporates bits and pieces of our regular soap bar line which are chopped up and scattered into a mosaic of stained glass pieces. The dark grey base of the bar holding all the pieces together is our signature Charcoal Soap recipe. This bar is pretty special as it allows us to create a little masterpiece of soap pieces that could be considered waste, but been made into something beautiful. Scent Profile: The scent profile of this soap bar is masculine and musky. Think old school barber shop that brings up notes of bergamot and basil blended with an earthy tone of oakmoss. We just know this is going to be a favourite and will have to bring it back!

Rose All DayRosé All Day captures the scents of your favourite glass of Rosé wine. This bar will transport you to those sunset evenings of clinking glasses on the back deck or enjoying a glass of Rosé during brunch with the girls. Scent notes of sweet orange, rosé wine, sugared peach and candied apple with a slight undertone of white jasmine. This bar is a beautiful blend of sweet, fruity and touch of floral. (seasonal)

Here for the Beer - Here for the Beer Soap is not only fun to gift but was an amazing soap bar to make! SOAK Bath Co has made a limited run batch of Here for the Beer soap bars with, you guessed it, actual beer. Yes, such magical things are possible in the soap world! The base of this soap bar is made with a light lager beer and gives the bar it’s beautiful tan colour.  Just in time for BBQ season and Father’s Day up ahead this Here for the Beer soap bar smells just like your favourite, frothy summer time drink! 🍺 (seasonal)

Cashmere - Cashmere Soap bar embraces all things sweater weather. Scented with notes of warm musk, sweet vanilla and soft woods this is one comfy, cozy soap bar. Purposefully coloured with light and dark tones we wanted this bar to evoke all things cozy sweater, like the knits woven into each other, the light and dark portions of this soap bar weave together. (seasonal)

Recommended Use: cut it into 3 or 4 sections for an easier fit in your hand. Save extra pieces until ready to use.

To extend the life of the bar, place on a soap tray in between uses. 

Handmade in Niverville, Manitoba