April 28, 2020

4 Benefits of Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle!

By Kendall Braunstein
4 Benefits of Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle!

In my previous post, I talked about some easy changes you can make to start living a zero-waste lifestyle. Hopefully that guide was helpful! By making small changes to live a zero-waste lifestyle, our actions will add up to a huge positive impact on the environment!

In this post, I thought I would talk a little bit about why switching to a zero-waste lifestyle is beneficial…

  • Taking Care of Yourself
    1. One of the first changes I noticed as I started to live a more zero-waste lifestyle was the positive impact it had on my mind and body. Once I started to be more conscious about the products I was using in my daily life, I was not only more conscious of how I was treating the planet, but how I was treating myself. Part of the reason I am so passionate about living as green as possible is because it has honestly helped me learn how to take care of myself. By being conscious about what I consume and treating my body right by using essential oils, eating right, exercising, and using clean products, my mind feels clearer and my body feels healthier. And by living a zero-waste lifestyle, I help take care of an environment that works to take care of me!


  • Taking Care of the Planet
    1. An obvious benefit of living a zero-waste lifestyle is the positive impact our actions have on the environment. By switching to zero-waste products, we limit the harmful effects our manufacturing practices have on our planet. Zero-waste is a lifestyle with literally no downside, and it is also a necessary movement. A Canadian Charity called Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada reports that 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year, with 8 million tons of that plastic ending up in our seas annually. This means that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish, which means we will all be eating plastic every time we eat seafood. The environmental problems we face are not caused solely by corporations and are not limited to just plastic, but a solution can be found in what products we buy and how we live our life. Our actions have a huge impact on the world around us and when we live a zero-waste lifestyle, we are helping to take care of our planet and the life it supports. For more information and to learn more insightful facts, visit https://plasticoceans.ca/.


  • Taking Care of Your Wallet

Living a zero-waste lifestyle is not only good for your well-being and the planet, it is also good for your wallet! Refilling your old jars and containers is a great way to save money! By bringing your own containers from home and refilling them with whatever product you need, you pay for the weight of the goods minus packaging. Over time this will save you a lot of money spent on packaging, and it will save our landfills from needless waste! Refilling also allows you to buy smaller quantities of product, saving you money and the planet from excess waste.


  • Taking Care of the Community

Choosing to shop at a local refillery is a fantastic way to support your community! Most refilleries, like ours, are small businesses independently run by locals who are genuinely passionate about helping the environment and servicing the people in their community! It may be near impossible to live a completelyzero-waste life, but it is a goal worth collectively working towards and it is a goal at the heart of every refillery.  


These are just some of the benefits I have found on my zero-waste journey! What benefits have you found from switching to a zero-waste lifestyle? #LetsTakeCare💚

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    Congratulations. A very timely undertaking. Hope to make a trip soon to see for myself.
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