About Us

Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique was founded by a mother-daughter team who opened their first storefront May 21st 2020 in Collingwood, ON.

After embarking on a journey to live more sustainably, they pursued their dream of opening a store together that would make it easy for anyone to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and get back to the basics. This means less packaging, less chemicals, less waste, and less stress; where everything can be refilled, reused or recycled back into nature at the end of its life. And that's exactly what they did.

During their time in Collingwood, they became more and more aware of the need for truly natural products. After learning about ingredients through their own research, working with various knowledgeable vendors and artisans, and trying to find the cleanest products for their customers, they saw a real 'green-washing' problem and problem with false advertising. So what started as an effort to create a new, viable way of living that's better for our environment, became a quest to find and offer the best all-natural products from companies run by mindful individuals who care about what they create and the impact their products have. 

Now these ladies are doing both with the help of Paige's husband, and Kendall's Dad Joe. With his help, they created a new dream: grow their own ingredients and make their own products, all while offering a boutique for customers to refill on their family farm (*available soon by appointment only). 

And that's exactly what they're doing. They're planting, growing, creating, and investing in the land they love, in honor of Joe - the only man who could give John Wayne a run for his money.

All of their herbal creations are handmade and botanically crafted. From traditional healers in Western Canada, and from their own land here in Ontario, these are the fruits of tradition and wisdom.