September 02, 2020

5 Environmental Petitions Worth Signing!

By Kendall Braunstein
5 Environmental Petitions Worth Signing!

Petitions are a great way to encourage and implement positive changes in the world around us! I have curated a little list of environmental petitions I have signed and encourage anyone reading this to sign. There are plenty more amazing environmental initiatives to support by researching other petitions taking place on a national and international level, these are just some that I came across recently and wanted to share with all of you!

The first petition I recommend for my eco-lovers out there can be found here:

This petition was created to encourage deposit return programs for plastic bottles in Ontario. Environmental Defence Canada shows that these deposit return programs in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan have been successfully reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfills. With enough signatures, this petition can get big bottler companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Pepsi to support a deposit return program in Ontario! 


The next petition I have signed and encourage you to sign can be found here:

This petition was created by CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment). They are encouraging the creation of bylaws that prohibit the use of toxic pesticides on City parks and residential lawns in Alberta. Pesticides are proven to pose serious health risks and 80% of Canadian communities have already restricted the residential use of pesticides. Let’s help protect Alberta’s kids from harmful pesticides!


This next petition is also by CAPE and can be found here:

This petition will be sent to the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, to ensure that Ontario does not weaken the province’s ban on non-essential uses of toxic pesticides. It will also help to ensure that rules on the use of pesticide treated seeds are maintained so bees and other insects are not harmed.


The next two petitions have been created by Stand, which is an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the environment from potentially harmful government and corporate activities.

One of their petitions can be found here:

This petition is dedicated to protecting Canada’s boreal forest, where P&G (the parent company of Charmin) is clearcutting millions of trees and endangering its natural biodiversity. Let’s help protect our boreal forest!

Another Stand petition can be found here:

This petition was created to ban ships from using HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) in the Arctic! There has been a ban on the use of HFO in the Antarctic since 2011 and the Canadian government has shown support for an international ban on the use of HFO in the Arctic, which has been delayed for years. By signing this petition, we can urge the Canadian government to support an immediate HFO ban in the Arctic! 


Feel free to share any of these petitions with your family, friends, and any eco-lovers in your life! Have you signed any environmental petitions recently? Link them in the comments! #LetsTakeCare 💚


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