February 16, 2022

Caring for Cast Iron

By Paige Sillcox
Caring for Cast Iron

It might be time to take a good look at the pots and pans you've been using for the last umpteen years. Chances are some you've got some with teflon coating. Their non-stick coating and light-weight design helped make them a popular go-to for kitchen cookware. Time for the but.. when your pans are scratched, some of the nonstick coating can flake into your food (the pan also becomes stickier). This can release toxic compounds. What is even more dangerous is cooking in a nonstick pan over high heat (this releases a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid). With moderate use, nonstick pans last only about five years. If your pan is damaged, throw it out to be on the safe side.

If you haven't already taken the plunge, it's time to move on over to cast iron. There are plenty of benefits:

+ For starters, once your cast iron skillet has a nice sheen to it, it’s basically nonstick. Another one of the benefits of cast iron cookware is that they are chemical-free. So they are a great alternative to nonstick pans since most contain perfluorocarbons, which is a chemical linked to cancer, developmental problems, liver damage and more. With proper care cast iron can last for generations.

+ Possibly one of the greatest cast iron skillet health benefits is that it adds iron to your food. Many people suffer from iron deficiency, and cooking with cast iron pans can help increase your iron content by as much as 20 times!

+ They are also dual purpose. Not only can you use them on the stove, but you can also use them in the oven at any temperature. They can even handle an open campfire.

So, if you're ready to make the switch away from teflon and towards cast iron, we have the perfect Canadian company to help you take care of your cast iron and make sure it lasts forever!

Caron & Doucet is a family owned & operated business with headquarters in the Laurentian town of Morin-Heights, Quebec, who make cast iron oil and soap to help make sure your cast iron cookware lasts.

Here's how:

100% Natural Cast Iron Cleaning & Seasoning Soap made using traditional soap making methods and free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens or petrochemicals! Gently cleans and maintains the natural seasoning on cast iron skillets, pans, woks & grills.

✓ NATURAL LIQUID SOAP | Unlike detergent based soaps, this soap is formulated with 100% natural plant-based oils that are gentle on the cast iron’s seasoning. A moisturizing & conditioning soap that is gentle enough to be used on your hands. 

✓ KILLS BACTERIA | Kills odor causing bacteria that can build up on the seasoning of the cast iron over time. Unlike most advice on the internet, It's a good idea to clean & wash your cast iron cookware once in a while.

✓ ENHANCED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS | A light scented soap made with their proprietary blend of lemongrass and rosemary essential oils that will not transfer onto food or your cast iron’s seasoning.


100% Plant-Based Cast Iron Seasoning and Cleaning Oil formulated to build and maintain the best non-stick seasoning on your cast iron skillets, pans, woks and grills.

SEASONS CAST IRON | Designed to season and condition cast iron cookware while protecting it from moisture that leads to damage and rust. Makes cleaning easier by creating a seasoning that prevents food from getting stuck.

CLEANS & ELIMINATES ODORS | Enhanced with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils that help to naturally eliminate odor causing bacteria, without transferring onto food. Made entirely from food safe ingredients.

✓ DOES NOT GO RANCID | Unlike canola oil, hemp, flax seed or other types of common cooking oils, this cast iron oil will never go rancid. It is made with a solvent-less, refined coconut oil base that has had it’s long-chain fatty acids removed.


Using Cast Iron Soap + Oil is just another way to protect your cookware and protect your family's health. So let's do away with the dangers of teflon and get back to nature's benefits.

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