April 13, 2022

Mindful Production: The Second Pillar

By Kendall Braunstein
Mindful Production: The Second Pillar

Mindful Production: The Second Pillar (of Ethics)

Kind of tied into the first pillar, so many of our necessities are mass produced + because chemicals are cheaper to use, we end up with mass production of product that's really not safe for you or the environment. So another pillar of Pine is mindful production. We can create things in a more mindful way for everyone and I believe that when you create with good intention, it's not lost.

I'm really proud to support other small businesses that create on a smaller scale and who take into account the lifespan and effect of the product that's being made. And who intentionally make products that will have a positive effect on its user and environment. And I think a lot of businesses can start out that way but the more money that's being made and the more opportunity there is for mass expansion, the more you give up the ability to affect people's well-being. And when there's mass production it becomes transactional instead of relational.

We really value relationship with vendors. When we buy mass produced product, we don't know who made it, where it comes from, and the intent behind the production. For example, if you're in the grocery store, and you decide to buy Aveeno lotion, you don't know the person that made it, where it was made, or the intent behind why this lotion was created. But I can tell you, if you research the ingredients of Aveeno lotion, a lot of it is harmful chemicals and the lotion that I looked into was marketed towards using on babies, so we're clearly dealing with a company that does not create from a desire to support well-being.

And I know someone reading this might be thinking: okay, so what though? So what Aveeno creates trashy lotion, it's a free market?

This matters to me because when you start seeing yourself as someone you want to take care of, and when you see others as people that deserve their well-being taken care of, there's a responsibility to speak up when there's ignorance. And there's a lot of ignorance around some of the chemicals that's being put in products and bought by people (unkowingly) that's causing harm.

So this is why it's important to support companies that support your well-being because these are people that recognize that you are someone worth taking care of.

We also value relationship with vendors because we can hold each other accountable. For example, I can reach out to Susan behind Green Cricket and ask her about an ingredient if I'm not sure what it does or if it's safe and we can have a conversation. And when customers come in and have questions this keeps me accountable and helps me continue to learn and do research.

I will be honest - there is a LOT I still don't know. But I am holding myself accountable to learn more and share what I learn with you so you can make the best choices possible.

Lastly, what I want to touch on is that buying from small business supports community. There's a stat that 60cents on every dollar spent within a community, stays within that community. So when you buy from a creator or vendor, you're directly impacting that community.

Thank you for continuing to support us! We will continue to do all the research we can and to find the best all-natural products from small mindful creators to make sure we're supporting you 💚


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