March 16, 2022

All Natural: The First Pillar

By Kendall Braunstein
All Natural: The First Pillar

All-natural ingredients: The First Pillar (of Ethics)

For most of my life it has been commonplace to go to a store and buy an essential product (like shampoo), without really thinking too much about it. We see the commercials and the next time we end up in a big box store, we pass a big brand name and purchase things absent mindedly. We don’t stop to think about what’s in it, who made it, why they made it, where our money goes what kind of business we're supporting, etc.

An effect of mass production is expendability. I think many of us are stuck in the habit of expendability; we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, buy and throw away, so big brands can always make more and sell more and we throw away more, so we buy more and sell more and throw away more.

As I think many people are realizing, this practice of expendability is not sustainable. All that we throw away goes somewhere and because what's being thrown away is made largely using plastic and chemical ingredients, our bodies, homes, and environments end up being polluted. All because of a habit; this is why living green is considered a lifestyle. 

Mass produced products are made with synthetic, chemical ingredients because the primary concern is cost, not safety and wellness. And this is where green-washing comes in because a lot of companies will claim to be biodegradable or eco-friendly, meanwhile the packaging is plastic and their ingredients are toxic. Take Aveeno for example - they claim to be gentle on your skin but the ingredients are crap. Big companies are loud, but just because they're loud does not make them honest. It's always good to question sources that give us information, especially pertaining to products we use everyday and that permeate our homes, bodies, and environments. 

The reason I feel called to talk about this and share my perspective is because so many people are unaware, as I was, to the truth about what’s in mass produced products, and the negative effects these products can have on our health and our environment. And there’s a difference between buying Febreeze because you've seen it advertised and buying Febreeze knowing it has carcinogenic ingredients in it and buying it anyway. There's a difference in consuming products made from harmful chemicals out of ignorance instead of conscious choice. 

While some may continue to choose the cheaper chemical option due to economic circumstance, the main point is that everyone deserves to take care of themselves and everyone deserves access to honestly natural, eco-friendly essential products because you are someone worth taking care of. But it seems to me the problem lies in lack of information and education - people just don't know how permeated their lives are with harmful chemicals. 

Through our actions with 🌲 and through sharing our knowledge, I hope we can help others to have a 'chemical awakening' of sorts.

There's a saying about truths being hidden in plain sight. And what we're talking about is a perfect example of this. Who would think to question dish soap and what it's made of? Advertisements, vibrant colors, pungent scents, all distract us and help hide the truth of these products.

And that's why we're here. We're here to help you wake up to the truth of these mass produced products and offer transparent, truly natural alternative for those who want to take care of themselves and our environments.

We are proud to work with people/businesses that truly respect others and create products with the intention of supporting your wellness. And we're always here to help you take care of yourself. 


🌲 Pine Boutique

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