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Bulk Laundry Soap

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Reuse. Refill. Right here in Collingwood.
Here's how at-home refill works:
+ purchase our 1/2 gallon (1.89L) or 1 gallon (3.78) glass jugs.
+ choose which product you want the jug to be filled with for refilling your bottles at home
+ bring the empty glass jug back to Pine to be refilled
+ continue to refill your jars at home
1.89 Litre Refill Jug = 4 X 500ml Refills (80 regular loads of laundry)
3.78 Litre Refill Jug = 7 X 500ml Refills (140 regular loads of laundry)

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol Ethoxylate (Biodegradable Surfactant), Decyl Polyglucoside (Plant-Based Biodegradable Surfactant), Glycerol Mono-oleate (Coconut Fatty Acid), Methychloroisothiazolione (Biodegradable Preservative), Lavender Essential Oils.

Directions:  Pour 25ml for regular load; 50ml for large load into laundry machine prior to running. Safe for HE machines. Safe for hard and soft water and can be used in hot/cold water

Made in Canada.