Field Kit

Field Kit Room Fragrance

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Field Kit room fragrance was designed to provide a mist of scent wherever you’d like it. Spritz a little on your bedding, your clothes, or even on your dog’s bed.

Perfumery alcohol
Distilled water

Field Kit uses a mixture of fragrance oils and essential oils. All of her oils are high quality and phthalate-free.

3.4 fl oz | 100 ml



The Sauna: Cedar + Mist *notes of eucalyptus, balsam, pine, cedar (now available in refill!)

The Florist: Fresh Flowers *notes of tulip, lilac, jasmine, grass

The Beekeeper: Honey + Clover *notes of wild honey, orange, clover, musk

The Arborist: Pine + Pepper *notes of pine, cardamon, pepper, lime