Routine Deodorant

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Routine Cream Deodorants are all made with 100% wholesome and clean ingredients at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Take control of your routine with the amount you apply and the added benefit of a lymphatic massage each time you touch your armpits (get on in there, don't be shy!) One 58g jar of this life-changing goodness lasts 3 to 6 months with regular application. These sweet babies have also diverted over 1 million plastic sticks from landfills! 

58g jar available in: 

Johnny's Cash (baking soda free): pine, cedarwood, bergamot, patchouli

*Sexie Sadie (baking soda free): ylang ylang, sweet orange, vanilla, cinnamon

*Superstar: activated charcoal + prebiotics, reduced baking soda formula - tonka, cardamom, vetiver

*Like a Boss: full strength baking soda formula - geranium, rosemary, bergamot

The Curator (baking soda free): cocoa, eucalyptus, and black spruce scent


 *= available for in-store refill